Who is Layla Ashley?

Layla brighter contrast bestMy name is Layla Ashley and I am an Alchemy Life Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist! I started the Alchemy Life Coaching and Therapy Program because I believe that everyone goes through a process called ‘alchemical transformation’ in their lives, but not everyone has the tools to cope with and handle this process in a way that makes their lives better rather than worse. I am here to help people going through tough times to see the bigger purpose behind the things that seem to ‘happen’ to them, and to access the energy from these events to fuel and manifest the life they truly desire!

​All my life I have felt like I was going through a transformation, but had no idea how to make sense out of it. I felt unique, at times even alienated, like I was in the world but not of it. I experienced spiritual crises in my life that brought me down into the depths of human despair, and I found myself asking “why me?”. I experienced grief and loss that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. And I wondered how I would ever get through it. I often felt I had the best of intensions, but the world around me was not very accommodating. I could not find my ‘place.’ I often felt overwhelmed by the demands of life, and victimized by the challenges I had to face. I was consumed by my negative feelings and thought processes which often led me into depression and sorrow. I was definitely experiencing the heaviness, the ‘lead’ in my life. I often had the feeling that something was missing, and the urge to find the deeper layer of meaning and purpose in my life. More than anything, I wanted to experience more fulfillment and happiness!


I pursued a B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy, in order to explore the ways that people seek answers to life’s difficult questions. Through my own spiritual pursuits and personal growth, I began to empower myself and find ways of turning my life around. I realized I could get myself unstuck by changing my old patterns of thinking and behaving, and embracing a whole new paradigm! By doing so, I found new doors opening before me in my career, relationships, and spiritual fulfillment. As I embraced a more authentic sense of who I was, the rest of my life began to change in ways I never imagined! Most importantly, I began to feel my purpose and manifest it in my life. I also began to realize I wasn’t the only one who had the challenges I thought were so ‘unique.’ And I was inspired to help others through this process.

​I pursued a Masters in Psychology and became a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2003. I began working with people to create real change in their lives, as a therapist, and then decided to become a Certified Life Coach. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. I am fascinated with self-discovery and the process of turning one’s personal dross into gold! Through both my own personal transformation and helping others, I know that we are all here for a purpose, and there is always a way to navigate the process of alchemy or change in your life, so that you come out absolutely loving both yourself and your life! My personal mission is to help you find that ‘gold’ within yourself, your ‘true’ self, and bring it into your life, so you can finally find true happiness!

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