Inner Child Meditation MP3

This 15 minute single track, Embrace Your Inner Child, was designed to aid you in connecting with your child self to release inner blocks to freedom, youth and playfulness. It guides you through a healing, nurturing and positive inner journey to rediscovering and embracing your child within.

Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery is the process of accessing your unconscious mind to create powerful and lasting change in your life. Layla Ashley’s audio programs use the latest technology and beneficial NLP and psychotherapeutic strategies to aid in changing your brainwave patterns, beliefs and feeling patterns to benefit your well-being and change specific aspects of your life.

This relaxation audio experience is not only very pleasant, but uses binaural beats as a way of repatterning brainwaves to aid you in reaching your goals. Layla’s hypnotic voice guides you through a journey in your own mind, using inspiring soundscapes, subliminal messages, nature sounds and NLP technology. Please wear headphones for the full effect of this technology.

Also available on ITUNES and other digital media.

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Bubble of Compassion

Cultivate compassion in your life by opening your heart to the love and appreciation within your soul. This meditation guides you toward self-love and deep appreciation of all beings, so you can feel free and improve your relationships!

This 15 minute single track, Bubble Of Compassion, was designed to aid you in connecting with the love and appreciation within your soul, and unblock barriers to compassion such as hurt and resentment. It guides you through a healing, nurturing and positive inner journey to rediscovering your natural sense of compassion for all beings.

Also available on ITUNES.

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REMEDY FOR SOCIAL DISCONNECT: Embracing Uniqueness Without Sacrificing Connection

In trying to find ourselves as individuals, we are losing our natural connection with others. As we strive to protect and expand our individual nature, we are neglecting an inborn sense of interdependence that is very primal. This can lead to isolation and emptiness. A fear of the deep and vulnerable parts of oneself is at the root of this disconnection, and we must reclaim all aspects of the self to trust and be open to this balancing of the inner and outer life.


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DarkNightsBrightLifeDark Nights, Bright Life

(Full LaTalkRadio Show) on Gold Archival MP3-CD, Signed with bonus tracks. (Includes adult ​themes) 8 hrs total.

Dark Nights, Bright Life (Full Season) Radio Show on Gold Archival MP3-CD, Signed with bonus tracks.

Featuring co-hosts Layla Ashley & Mikhail Tank (signed by both)

This is a Limited Edition MP3-CD on archival quality gold-plated CD’Rs.
(Please check your CD players if they play MP3 format (most but not all do), can also be used as CD-Rom option for listening on your desktop by accessing files as a separate drive once inserted into computer).


1. Debut Episode 11.26.13
2. Second Episode 12.3.13
3. Third Episode 12.10.13
4. Fourth Episode 12.17.13
5. Fifth Episode 1.7.14
6. Sixth Episode 1.14.14
7. Seventh Episode 1.21.14
8. Eight Episode 1.28.14

9. Interviewed by Sheena Metal on the Sheena Metal Experience
10. Inspiration by Mikhail
11. The Missing Link by Layla
12. Magma by Mikhail
13. Gratitude & Creativity by Layla

© ℗ 2013 Mikhail Tank & Layla Ashley

Total Running Time: Approximately 8 hours

For entertainment and informational purposes only

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